Seasonal clothes. What you want to wear NOW. How can you relate to seasonal fashion if you only have two seasons – winter and arctic summer. In the northernmost parts of the Nordic, the tundra is always frozen. During the winter, the sun never shows, and in the summer it simply does not set. How do you wear seasons hottest summerdress and flipflops in minus degrees, and is it possible to imagine a seasonless fashion? This is not a story about temperatures. It is a neverending mystery set in the whimsical north, the center of the midnight sun and northern lights, in a world of unimaginable colors, unfriendly landscapes, harsh climate, a melting pot of people, culture and rooted cosmopolitanism. It is about the Arctic Summer, and its' impossible fashion.

Photographer: Sanne Kalleberg

Make-Up: Tonje Robberstad Jåsund

Models: Olea Björk, Jonathan Ibsen & Nadege Kubwayo

Thanks to Zofia Jakubiec