«Choosing from diploma works from around the world, what we looked for as a Jury was authenticity, story, craftmanship and forward thinking design. Ramona Salo presented a strong story, rooted in traditions, spirituality and culture of Sami people. She transformed and translated this local and deeply rooted topic into very contemporary fashion design collection. She made her local heritage interesting and relevant part of international fashion conversation about traditions and future, local and global.»

Veronika Ruppert, journalist, creative director, Czech Radio, Radio Wave

Designblok - Prague International Design Festival presents fifth annual of Diploma Selection finalists. International competition for the best European diploma (graduation) work is hold in cooperation with EUNIC Cluster CZ.

Curators board selected top 30 projects from 22 European universities. The most talented product designers will present their diploma work within common exhibition space in Openstudio. The most progressive fashion collections will take place during Designblok fashion shows programme.

Winners get the opportunity to present their latest work/collection at Designblok 2019 and are also awarded a financial prize of EUR 1,000.

International jury 2018:

Juliet Kinchin, curator of Modern Design, MoMA, New York City

Lina Kanafani, curator, gallerist, MINT shop, London

Rossana Orlandi, gallerist, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Milan

Tulga Beyerle, director of The Kunstgewerbemuseum in Dresden

Agnieszka Jacobson, artistic director, School of Form, Poznań

François Leblanc, gallerist, Gallery S. Bensimon, Paris

Gilles Massé, Wallpaper Store, Milan

Cok de Rooy, curator, gallerist, Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam

Adam Štěch, design strategy consultant and curator, Okolo, (CZ)

Hans Stefan Moritsch, Designer, Program Director-Manual & Material Culture NDU (AT) 

Stephan Hamel – brand catalyst, design consultant (IT)

Maria Critstina Didero, independent design curator and writer (IT)

Ineke Hans, Designer and founder of Studio Ineke Hans and London Salons (NL)

Natasha Binar, fashion brand strategist (DE)

Esther Sternkopf, creative director ELLE (PL)

Noémie Schwaller, editor-in-chief, DASH Magazine (UK)

Andrea Běhounková, editor-in-chief, Vogue (CZ)

Danica Kovářová, editor-in-chief, Dolce Vita (CZ)

Veronika Ruppert, journalist, editor, Modeschau, Radio Wave, (CZ)

Jan Králíček, journalist, fashion consultant, Vogue (CZ)

Petr Matějček, editor-in-chief, ELLE (CZ)