Collaboration with Duy Nguyen aka Vitaboy and ake-up specialist Andre Urholmen. Fashion/styling by Ramona Salo. Published at Kaltblut Magazine.

Vitaboy is back with a new fashion feature for KALTBLUT Magazine. This time emerging photographer Vitaboy teams up with makeup specialist Andrea Urholmen and fashion designer Ramona Salo in delivering an alien experience. The series is shot during a hot summer day on an island outside of the Norwegian capital of Oslo, and tells the story of two outcasts with mutant DNA.


Photography by Duy Nguyen aka Vitaboy / / Instagram: @vitaboy
Models are Silje Lorentzen / Instagram: @siljelorentzen /
Sigrid Sund / Instagram: @sigridsund /
signed at Team Models / Instagram: @teammodels
Makeup by Andrea Urholmen / Instagram @andreartistry
Fashion by Ramona Salo / / Instagram: @ramonasal0
Retouched by Nora Landa / Instagram @noralanda_retouch
Hair by Malin Wallin / Instagram @mmalinwallin
Photography assistant is Sunniva Hestenes / Instagram: @skh.phy
Video filmed by Backery / Instagram:
Video edited by Duy Nguyen aka Vitaboy
Fashion by Tonje Plur, Sondre Engesæth, Ramona Salo, Kristine Granerud, Saab Tekstil Grønland